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Discovery of a Drug Candidate for GLIS3-Associated Diabetes

UID: 10383

Author(s): Amin, Sadaf, Cook, Brandoch, Zhou, Ting*, Ghazizadeh, Zaniar, Lis, Raphael, Zhang, Tuo, Khalaj, Mona, Crespo, Miguel, Perera, Manuradhi, Xiang, Jenny Zhaoying, Zhu, Zengrong*, Tomishima, Mark J.*, Liu, Chengyang, Naji, Ali, Evans, Todd, Huangfu, Danwei*, Chen, Shuibing * MSK affiliated

Comparison of WT and GLIS3-/- cells at various stages of human pancreatic differentiation.

From Gene Expression Omnibus authors' summary: "Through development and use of a minimal component protocol for derivation of late stage pancreatic progenitors and beta-like cells, we compared WT and GLIS3-/- pancreatic cells at different stages and discovered that GLIS3-/- cells show an ectopic activation of TGF-beta signaling."
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Processed gene expression as SRA data
Accession #: GSE114051

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RNA Sequence reads for 14 samples
Accession #: SRP144623

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Accession #: PRJNA463329

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Discovery of a Drug Candidate for GLIS3-Associated Diabetes (human) BioProject

The GSE114051 accession is part of the NCBI BioProject PRJNA463329

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