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Acral Melanoma (TGEN, Genome Res 2017): Whole exome sequencing and transcriptome analysis of 34 Acral Melanoma patients (33 with matched normals)

UID: 10395

Author(s): Liang, Winnie S., Hendricks, William, Kiefer, Jeffrey, Schmidt, Jessica, Sekar, Shobana, Carpten, John, Craig, David W., Adkins, Jonathan, Cuyugan, Lori, Manojlovic, Zarko, Halperin, Rebecca F., Helland, Adrienne, Nasser, Sara, Legendre, Christophe, Hurley, Laurence H., Sivaprakasam, Karthigayini, Johnson, Douglas B., Crandall, Holly, Busam, Klaus J.*, Zismann, Victoria, Deluca, Valerie, Lee, Jeeyun, Sekulic, Aleksandar, Ariyan, Charlotte Eielson*, Sosman, Jeffrey, Trent, Jeffrey * MSK affiliated

This dataset contains summary data visualizations and clinical data from a comprehensive genomic and transcriptomic analysis of 38 acral lentiginous melanomas (ALM) from 34 patients. The study was conducted to analyze ALM, a rare sun-shielded melanoma subtype of cutaneous melanoma (CM) which is associated with worse survival than other CM in an effort to delineate non-UV oncogenic mechanisms. The clinical data includes mutation count, information about mutated genes, patient demographics, disease status, therapeutic details and copy number alterations among other relevant data points.
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Acral Melanoma
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