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Exome sequencing analysis of 160 cancers arising in the periampullary region, 62 of these clearly arising from either the bile duct (n = 44) or the duodenum (n = 18) and 98 for which the epithelium of origin could not be clearly defined morphologically (AMPCA). This dataset contains summary data visualizations and clinical data from a sampling of 160 samples of ampullary adenocarcinomas from Baylor College of Medicine Elkins Pancreatic Center, Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Technical University of Dresden. The clinical data includes Patient ID, Sample ID, Mutation Count, Percent Intestinal, Associated Adenoma, Cllularity based on allele frequency, Data Source, Days to Last Followup, Immunohistochemistry Subtype, Morphology Other Features, Morphology Subtype, Neoplasm Histologic, Grade Note, Overall Survival (Months), Overall Survival Status, Patient's Vital Status, PB Blast Percentage, and Primary Tumor Site.
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