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Brain Lower Grade Glioma (TCGA, Firehose Legacy)

UID: 10469

Publisher(s): Broad Institute

TCGA Brain Lower Grade Glioma. Source data from GDAC Firehose. Previously known as TCGA Provisional. This dataset contains summary data visualizations and clinical data from a broad sampling of 530 carcinomas from 516 patients. The data was gathered as part of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Firehose initiative, a cancer analysis pipeline. The clinical data includes mutation count, information about mutated genes, patient demographics, sample type, disease code, tumor type, Adjuvant Postoperative Targeted Therapy Administered Indicator, Age of Food Allergy, Animal Insect Allergy Age, Animal Insect Allergy History, Asthma History, Days to initial score performance status scale, Days to Sample Collection, and if the patient started adjuvant postoperative radiotherapy. The dataset includes Next-Generation Clustered Heat Maps (NG-CHM) viewable via an embedded NG-CHM Heat Map Viewer, provided my MD Anderson Cancer Center, which provides a graphical environment for exploration of clustered or non-clustered heat map data. The data set also includes copy-number segment data downloadable as .seg files and viewable via the Integrative Genomics Viewer.
Subject of Study
OncoTree Cancer Type(s)
Anaplastic Astrocytoma
Anaplastic Oligoastrocytoma
Diffuse Glioma
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Free to All
Access Instructions
This cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics dataset is publicly available for viewing in tables or, for copy-number segments, via integrated IGV application. The data is also available for download in its entirety as a tarball or as individual TSV (tab separated value) or SEG files. Some features are only available by logging in with a Google or Microsoft account. These features include storing your virtual studies and groups which allows you to access your studies and groups from any computer, and to allow cBioPortal to remember your study view charts preferences for each study (i.e. order of the charts, type of charts and visibility). Login is optional and not required to access any of the other features of cBioPortal. Downloaded SEG files (tab-delimited segmented data text files that list loci and associated numeric values) can be viewed by downloading and installing the Integrative Genomics Viewer desktop application.
Data Type
Software Used
Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV)
NG-CHM Heat Map Viewer
Dataset Format(s)
Plain Text, TAR, SEG
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163 MB
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