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RNA-seq analysis in NRG1 and enzalutamide treated 22Pc-EP cell line

UID: 10507

Author(s): Zhang, Zeda, Sawyers, Charles L.* * MSK affiliated

Author summary from Gene Expression Omnibus: "Transcriptome prolifing analysis was performed in 22Pc-EP cells to identify differentially regulated genes by enzalutamide and NRG1. 22Pc-EP cells were treated with androgen receptor inhibition (enzalutamide) or a HER3 ligand NRG1 for 48hrs."

The data is from a study on tumor microenvironment-derived NRG1 promotes antiandrogen resistance in prostate cancer.
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Accession #: GSE147976

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RNA Sequence reads for 21 samples
Accession #: SRP255006

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Accession #: PRJNA622705

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