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Validation of a genomic classifier for prediction of metastasis following postoperative radiation therapy.

UID: 10533

Author(s): Zhao, Shuang G., Evans, Joseph R., Kothari, Vishal, Sun, Grace, Larm, Ashley, Mondine, Victor, Schaeffer, Edward M., Ross, Ashley E., Klein, Eric A., Den, Robert B., Dicker, Adam P., Karnes, R Jeffrey, Erho, Nicholas, Nguyen, Paul L., Davicioni, Elai, Feng, Felix Y.

Summary from the GEO: The purpose of the dataset is "To test the hypothesis that a genomic classifier (GC) would predict biochemical failure (BF) and distant metastasis (DM) in men receiving radiation therapy (RT) after radical prostatectomy (RP).
139 primary prostate cancer tumor (radical prostatectomy, FFPE) specimins from patients at TJU who recieved post-RP radiation therapy."
Samples from the GEO2R depict Group, Accession, Title, Source name, pathologic gleason score, Age, Pathologic state, and Preoperative psa.
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Accession #: GSE72291

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Accession #: PRJNA293672

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