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14-3-3 epsilon is an intracellular component of TNFR2 receptor complex and its activation protects against osteoarthritis

UID: 10958

Author(s): Fu, Wenyu, Hettinghouse, Aubryanna, Hu, Wenhuo*, Liu, Chuan-Ju * MSK affiliated

Summary from GEO:

"In an effort to identify novel differentially-expressed genes in OA, we performed RNA-seq analysis using cartilage isolated from nonarthritic and OA patients. Total RNA was isolated from 3 samples of nonarthritic cartilage and 4 samples of OA cartilage (Kellgren-Lawrence Grade 3 or 4). Genes (900 total, 600 up-regulated, 300 down-regulated) were differentially expressed in OA vs. normal (fold change > 2, FDR < 0.00001, adjusted p < 0.05). Gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA) indicated altered gene expression pattern in OA cartilage compared with nonarthritic cartilage. Specifically, pathways known to be implicated in OA pathogenesis, including inflammatory response, interferon alpha and gamma response, apoptosis, and oxidative phosphorylation, were up-regulated in OA cartilage compared with nonarthritic cartilage."

Overall design from GEO

"mRNA profiles of cartilage isolated from nonarthritic and OA patients"
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