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  • An Open Library of Human Kinase Domain Constructs for Automated Bacterial Expression

    Albanese, Steven Kyle
    Parton, Daniel Lawrence
    Isik, Mehtap
    Rodriguez-Laureano, Lucelenie
    7 more author(s)...

    Source code, assay data, full expression results for all ABL1 constructs, wild-type kinases, and ABL1 and SRC mutants, plasmid libraries, and other supporting material for the generation of a library of human kinase domain constructs for automated bacterial expression. From the publication abstract, "Kinases play a critical role in cellular signaling and are dysregulated in a number of diseases,...

    Binding sites
    Escherichia coli/metabolism
    Protein Structure, Secondary
    Protein-Tyrosine Kinases
    Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-abl
    src-Family Kinases
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