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The Pan-Cancer Atlas (PanCanAtlas) initiative aims to answer big, overarching questions about cancer by examining the full set of tumors characterized in the robust TCGA dataset. The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network has profiled and analyzed large numbers of human tumors to discover molecular aberrations at the DNA, RNA, protein and epigenetic levels. The resulting rich data provide a major opportunity to develop an integrated picture of commonalities, differences and emergent themes across tumor lineages. The Pan-Cancer Atlas initiative compares the 33 tumor types profiled by TCGA. Analysis of the molecular aberrations and their functional roles across tumor types will teach us how to extend therapies effective in one cancer type to others with a similar genomic profile. The datasets gathered as part of the PanCan Atlas are included in the larger Genomic Data Commons (GDC) repository.
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Manifest files for open access and controlled access data, as well as supplemental data.

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Datasets in the PanCanAtlas are organized as Open Access Data and Controlled Access Data. Datasets may be downloaded, accessed via API, or viewed online via the Data Portal. API and download instructions are included at the bottom of the PanCanAtlas site. The method for downloading open access and controlled data is essentially the same: download the appropriate manifest file from the publication page and use the manifest file to download data using the GDC Data Transfer Tool (DTT) or the GDC API. For Controlled Access Data, you must first obtain a token. Tokens may be obtained online for free from the GDC Data Portal once a user is logged in.
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Pan-Cancer Atlas Publications

Index of flagship and companion publications about the Pan-Cancer Atlas, maintained by Cell Press

Genomic Data Commons Data Dictionay

The GDC Data Dictionary identifies the properties and accepted types or values for required, preferred, and optional data elements as well as their relationships. This data dictionary also applies to the PanCan Atlas.

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